When I purchased a Keylime cannabis cartridge at one dispensary and came back for seconds, it never occurred to me that they would be different.

I assumed that one cannabis cartridge was the same as another when I opened the one on the left. And then later that day when I was looking over the two, I noticed the differences between them. But here’s the thing. Seeing the numbers didn’t mean anything to me. They probably don’t mean much more to you. BUT! They should!

My mistake here was not truly understanding how these figures were going to impact the high. Obviously, depending on the dosage in the entire cartridge. Each four-second draw will give the user (supposedly) different doses of THC. However, I’ve found that it doesn’t really matter what the label says is an actual “dose.” I learn through trial and experimentation. I’ve found that you have taken the appropriately sized hit, you exhale and you see a thick cloud of vapor. Let me tell you a couple of differences that I notice between these two cartridges.

The main difference between these two cartridges is how DISPROPORTIONATELY STRONG the tested by ChemHistory was compared to the key lime pie cartridge tested by MRX Labs. The cartridge from MRX Labs also tasted more like bathroom cleaner than the actual terpenes of lime. After two hits of the ChemHistory cartridge I was so high I almost couldn’t walk.

Cannabis Cartridge Storytime!

Cannabis Cartridge

Turn that Cannabis Cartridge On!

I popped in the new cartridge into my vape. That’s when the adventure began.

It was a small hit. Only a minuscule amount of vapor was visible with my exhale. I could definitely taste it. It was like a lime candy had punched me in the tongue. I took a second hit just as my boyfriend started to tell me a funny story and laughter ensued. That’s when the rest of our day took a turn, because navigating sidewalks suddenly became an impossible task.

We had made plans to go into Moe’s for some chips, salsa, and burritos- but we all had to wait at home for about 15 minutes before we were able to regain our composure long enough to stop laughing.

…So it was quite the let down when I used the next cartridge and didn’t feel nearly the amount of effect that the first one did. The cartridge from MRX Labs wasn’t nearly as strong. Which to me is kind of hard to grasp. I mean, there was only a 4% difference in the amount of THC and then the even smaller amount of CBD only existed in the one tested by ChemHistory.

Small Difference, Huge Difference

It’s crazy to me that such a little difference in percentages made such a HUGE difference in the way that these cartridges affected me.

The take away from all of this should be that it does indeed matter what the label says. The sooner the country gets its shit together enough to legalize marijuana and enforce common regulation on the marijuana market, the sooner I’ll be able to find another killer cartridge like the one ChemHistory tested.