Lmao, that one time I got 3 amazing cannabis cartridges when I should have requested a bunch of $15 cartridges. I was young and naive.

Cannabis Cartridges

Green Friday- Soooo Much Better than Black Friday.

Not nearly as scary or stress inducing. While on holiday and vacationing in Portland, a friend of mine offered to pick me up some cannabis cartridges! The thing was, there were several “Green Friday” sales going on.

And let me tell you a ‘lil tale of regret. Because OH MY GOODness THESE THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE.

Want Cannabis Cartridges?

Maybe they won’t be expensive in a year or two’s time. (Like when I was a kid and jump drives went from like $100 down to $10.) But when this was orchestrated, they were hella pricey.

The private stash, while it did taste amazing- it didn’t last very long or have a very good effect. It was also the most expensive. :/ That weirdest part was after I was done smoking the Mango SSH, I always had a headache. It made me wonder if what I was hitting wasn’t tainted with something, despite how golden the extract looked.

The next cartridge was the lavender. Somehow, against all odds, she was able to find me a cartridge that was not only indica like I had requested. But the strain happened to be LAVENDER!! 😀 This one was fun to smoke because of how sleepy and calm it made me. This cartridge was used on several occasions when members of my friend group had any sort of anxiety attack. Great for bringing you out of bad headspaces.

The last one, and the actual $15 gem of the entire article was actually made by the same company that made my vape pen battery, O.pen. So, they have a line of cartridges that they call the “Reserve.” This cartridges strain was “Headband.”

Cannabis Cartridges

Here’s Where I Fucked Up.

While my friend was picking these up for me, she asked, “Do you want me to get a bunch of these $15 dollar cartridges? Or do you want me to just get one and keep the other two (private stash and lavender)?”

…*Sigh* I had the option to save a fuck ton of money while simultaneously stocking up on cartridges that would last me for longer than I could have imagined.

But I chose to spend a fuck ton of money and only got 3 cartridges. Granted, they lasted me a long ass time, but still. Because all of this took place over text, I wasn’t sure what I wanted. But I didn’t want to make any quick decisions because I had already planned this out beforehand. We had agreed on how much it would cost.

But If I had really been thinking about it, the smarter choice would definitely have been to have her buy as many $15 cartridges as possible. Then I could have had six for the same price as the three I had already decided on.

I was just so stuck on the fact that she had found me a lavender cartridge that I couldn’t see past my own excitement. Lmaoooo

Live and learn!