Do you understand the gravity (bong) of this situation?

If you’ve never taken a hit from a gravity bong, then you don’t understand just how painful the experience of taking a hit can truly be. However, it can also be one of the most economical ways to conserve weed. Plus you’ll be getting as high as possible with the amount that you have.

Here’s the thing though: it still hurts like a bitch.

Taking a gravity bong his is something that takes time to be good at. Most people who might start off with a gravity bong hit might overdo it on the first hit. You’ll recognize them as the ones throwing up before anyone has a chance to enjoy anything.

You have to respect the gravity bong and her hits because she doesn’t swing lightly.

Firstly, you’ll need to realize that you’re taking an entire bowl’s worth of marijuana in one hit. So try to conceptualize what that means for you. Think you’re going to take one of these hits in front of a group of people at a party? Go ahead and accept the fact that you’re probably going to throw up if you’ve never hit one of these things before. At the very least, you’re going to have a couple of tears streaming down your face. Having a designated pillow picked out and nearby. You’ll need it to cough into while hiding your shame. It’s a perfectly acceptable way of dealing with this situation.

Gravit bong hit stages:

One: Your lungs are going to burn.

Two: You’re going to have a mouth full of resin.

Three: You’re going to cough a lot. Probably gag if you’re not used to how resin clings to the back of your throat.

Four: Enjoy.

But, the night is darkest before the dawn.

After you learn to successfully take a hit you may be coughing so hard you don’t know who you are for a couple of minutes. Or you’re going to be struggling to breathe because your lungs are going to be stinging with the familiar burn of THC.

After the pain of taking the hit dies down, you’ll notice a heavy feeling behind your eyes.

And then you’ll realize that you are much higher than you were before. Gravity bongs have a way of catapulting you into the clouds and leaving you up….probably much higher than you anticipated. It’s also one of those highs that take a second before you stop going up. Sometimes you can still be getting high for up to 15 minutes after a Gravity bong hit. It’s definitely an experience, for sure.

Using a gravity bong to get high is probably one of the most efficient ways of getting blasted out of your mind. It’s great for parties or if you’re looking for a way to get heavily medicated before you head to sleep. Gravity bongs have their own unique high and can vary from piece to piece. So, if you’re looking for a new smoking experience, consider adding a  gravity bong to your smoking collection. You can make or buy your own – maybe as a replacement for another beloved piece.