Heh, hello my friends, let’s talk about ice hash.

Ice Hash: Sour Gorilla Cookie

Ice hash was news to me.

I’ve only recently learned what it was, and oh my goodness, may I just be the first one to WARN you. Ice hash? Is NOT, I REPEAT NOT  for the beginner. This stuff will fuck you up so fast you won’t know how you got up so high, or which way is down. So what exactly is this stuff? It’s natural and it made from marijuana itself, so don’t worry about anything synthetic. It’s made from the resin of the marijuana plant. Essentially you freeze the marijuana plant and all the trichomes fall off and then you collect and smoke the fallout. Because of this extraction method, it should be noted that this stuff is very potent!

The reason I say this is not for beginners is because:

  1. You need to be able to handle your high.
  2. Seasoned smokers understand that highs can change and in my experience, ice hash takes about 15 minutes PER HIT to fully kick in. This means that beginner smokers might not wait long enough in between doses and could very well end up too high and that can lead to uncomfortable feelings like anxiety and dread.

However, I didn’t experience any anxiety. I was on cloud nine. Sour gorilla cookies…

Ice Hash: Sour Gorilla Cookie

Okay, let me break this ice hash stuff down really quick.

The strains that were used to make this hash consisted of:

  • Sour OG which is a sativa based hybrid of Sour diesel and OG kush
  • Gorilla Glue Number Four, or as it is now known, “Original Glue,” which is a Sativa hybrid of Chocolate diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubble
  • and finally Girl Scout Cookies, which is another sativa hybrid of Durban Poison and OG Kush.

(OG Kush is showing up quite a lot)

To put that into more simple terms… this is a sativa loaded extract that you can smoke by itself or you can add it to your bowls or rolls. If adding it to a bowl, I recommend mixing it in with the flower because if you lay it all on top and then try to light it? It will create a melted hard top layer that prevents you from burning the under-layer of flower. Same thing that happens to keif, now that I think about it. I mean I guess it’s essentially the same thing.

It gives a very cerebral effect. Think fractals and rainbows. It is very potent but it also lets up very suddenly too. After about an hour, there is a very noticeable drop off point of the high and is usually replaced with a sleepy soberness that either needs to be supplemented with more weed or something to ease the headache that can sometimes accompany such a strong head high.

At the very least, remember to drink some water. Because once you start taking hits, you’re going to get blitzed and your body will (probably) always need more water regardless of how you feel. I know you probably don’t drink enough water. It’s okay though, me too. We can do it together.