Marijuana Legalization: How Can Businesses Benefit?

While Cannabis is not legal everywhere yet, it is well on its way. Soon, it’ll be properly represented for the MANY good things that it does. We’ve still got work to do towards undoing the damage that the media has done to cannabis’ reputation in the past. Once the rest of America gets with the freaking party- here are a couple of establishments I’d like to see marijuana become a part of. Cannabis begins its transition into the everyday lives of people everywhere in America, and it’s exciting to watch. In fact, here are five businesses that’ll be even better when marijuana legalization hits the whole country:


It’s no secret that marijuana has copious amounts of health benefits. Science is discovering more and more of them every day. Cannabis is such a multifaceted tool when it comes to healing the body. It seems kinda crazy that we DON’T use it in hospitals, you know? If you’re treating neurological issues such as Alzheimer’s disease or seizures… Cannabis. If a patient has literally any type of cancer… Cannabis. Inflammation, chronic pain, or even just PMS? Again, I answer you with Cannabis.


Anyone who has had any type of relationship with marijuana knows the types of sparks that fly when you combine a little Mary Jane with a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal. Imagine meeting up for brunch the night after a crazy party (and perhaps a little too much alcohol) and sipping on some cannabis-infused hot tea. Or, how about nibbling on some weed breakfast biscuits? Before you know it? That hangover is gone and you’re ready to spend the rest of your day NOT being sick and recovering.  


These establishments are naturally where curious people end up at, as they offer a way to learn about and dive into things that we as humans have contributed to the memory of humanity. Since Marijuana is definitely known for its ability to help open up the mind and stimulate more creative thought patterns. Pair that with an ancient civilization display might help us understand and maybe come to the conclusion of HOW the Egyptians actually built the pyramids.

Movie Theaters

Did you know that weed helps us slow down our background brain chatter by delaying the time in between when synapses fire? How is this applicable to smoking a joint before a feature film? By shutting out background disturbances just enough to get comfortable, it makes it easier for us to relax and become immersed in what we are doing. Toking before the movies makes sure that you will be fully immersed in whichever film you’ve chosen as well. Plus, your movie snack and popcorn will taste absolutely amazing.  


If you think about it, weed is like a spa for the brain for most people. Smoking a bowl after a long day at work is a great way to destress and rejuvenate before your next shift. So why not incorporate marijuana into establishments specifically designed for rest and relaxation? Maybe that means popping a little chocolate edible before a warm soak in a salt tub. (You know the ones with the pretty dried flowers you see on Instagram?) Or maybe your massage therapist will use a little cannabis-infused massage oil. Marijuana Spa Days NEED to be a thing SOON.  

Marijuana Legalization Is On Its Way!

It’s taking what seems like forever – especially for folks who live in states where marijuana is still illegal. But it’s interesting watching how legalization is playing out across the country. Here are a few stories you might find interesting:

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