God Bud: Just How Heavenly Is This Strain?

God Bud is one of the hardest hitting marijuana strains out there. Sometimes, it seems like it only takes one hit and you’re fully medicated, smoke a whole joint and you’ll be mind-numbingly stoned in the best possible way. This hits hard in the body and in the mind. Pain relief, stress relief… really any type of relief you could ever want, you’ll get it with this strain.

The Look:

This bud isn’t anything impressive to look at if I’m being honest. When the OG WeedMilf dropped this in front of us to roll up, I was a bit skeptical. For something that was so expensive, it didn’t seem to be very aesthetically pleasing. I mean there aren’t any good-sized nugs and I can clearly see that half of all these buds are stems. So I’m gonna shit on this particular strain and say, “No, there isn’t anything remarkable to look at with this strain.”

But [looks can be deceiving], [don’t judge a book by its cover], [there’s more than meets the eye]. You pick whichever cliche you like best.

The Smell:

Sweet, woody with anise undertones. Licorice…Think earthy. Because of how dry this bud was, it didn’t really have that strong of a smell. I mean there was a distinct burp of “dank” smell when I first opened the bag to roll up, but nothing really special about the smell itself.

The Smoke:

Catches you in the throat at first, but it’s not harsh. It’s just PURE THC. Imagine eating pop rocks you wouldn’t immediately try to swallow a handful because, no, that’s not how you eat popping candy. Make sure to take your hits slowly for the best result.  

The Experience:

If I say heavenly, will you keep reading? Is that too cheesy? Because it’s the truth. Smoking on this God Bud, even despite its epigenetics (the way it looks on the outside) this is one of the most amazing strains I have ever smoked. I am a regular smoker of the devil’s lettuce, so I use weed to feel more medicated that I do to get just high.  If you can remember the feeling of getting high for the first time, this is a lot like that. All of the funny nuances that used to happen to you when you first started smoking? They all happen with this strain. It was a magical experience because it was like being a born again stoner because it was like some of the first times smoking.

Case and point, this strain was like time traveling to a better place. 10/10 would recommend and definitely buy again.

The Catch 22:

Like all good things, the God Bud marijuana strain comes with a price.

And I think this one was pretty expensive even though it was just an eighth. However, marijuana prices have been deflating lately, as in Oregon you can purchase $3 grams of mid-grade weed. (Which is amazing if you’re coming from a place that doesn’t sell weed at all)

But usually, you get what you pay for. The catch with this strain is that because it’s so popular for being one of the best strains out there, particularly for pain relief, this means that the prices for God Bud no matter where you look, are probably going to be steep, regardless of where you shop for it.